Window Cleaning in Houston 

Get Your Windows Looking as Good as New 

A Home Services window cleaning service can help remove even the hardest stains, whether they be from weather, outdoor grime, dirt, or other imperfections. When you find that there’s buildup and grout on your windows, a quality window cleaning can help clear the buildup away, leaving your windows clean and clear. 

Our supreme support for window cleaning in Houston includes:

  • Storm window cleaning 
  • Window inspection
  • Earth friendly/natural cleaners
  • Soft cleaning

Contact us now at (832) 662-2775 for a window cleaning service that is top notch!

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  • 2-Story Home Up To 30 Windows (Exterior Cleaning Only)
    $189 2-Story Home Up To 30 Windows (Exterior Cleaning Only)
    Interior cleaning services are available for an additional cost.
    Valid from Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
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  • 1-Story Home of Up To 20 Windows (Exterior Only)
    $149 1-Story Home of Up To 20 Windows (Exterior Only)
    Interior cleaning services are available for an additional cost.
    Valid from Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
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Why You Should Invest in Regular Window Cleaning

Since there are so many other things you always have to worry about around your home, it is no wonder that cleaning your windows may not be the top priority on your list. In fact, many homeowners assume that so long as they can somewhat see through the glass, their windows must be alright, or at least clean enough to last until the next rainy day. The problem is that dirty, grimy windows are not only unattractive, but they often disguise other problems just lurking beneath that skin of dust, debris, and streaks. If you make sure to have your windows cleaned occasionally, you can avoid a lot of unforeseen problems and expensive costs.

The great benefits that you will gain simply by scheduling regular window cleaning include:

  • The ability to spot small cracks, holes, and other damage in your windows
  • Lowered costs in utility bills when you catch signs of failing insulation early on
  • Decreased opportunities for mold and mildew to form, endangering the health of your family members, friends, and guests
  • Increased lifespan of your windows, along with your trim, siding, sills, and other elements resting beneath the windows 
  • A raised value of your home if you decide you want to put it on the market

How Often Should Your Residential Windows Be Cleaned?

Any homeowner living in the midst of our country’s shaky economy will always be looking to save costs wherever possible. Therefore, you are likely wondering exactly how often you should wash your house’s windows, and whether you might be able to get by with having them washed every few years or so. 

Usually, experts say that washing windows twice annually is a good standard. However, this can easily change, depending on your unique environment. For example, if you live in an area where there is a lot of pollen, or a neighborhood lined with trees that often drop their leaves, or if it has been especially rainy in the past year, you might need cleaning more often. The best way to know for sure is to consult with a knowledgeable home service expert. Our team at A Home Services can readily provide you with the information you need to decide if your windows should be washed right away.

Call us today at (832) 662-2775 or contact us online for supreme window cleaning in Houston, keeping your windows crystal clear.

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