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There are plenty of things that could make your carpet look unappealing, from accidental stains left from pets and children to marks from general wear and tear. But what are you supposed to do when the very surface of your carpet itself is beginning to buckle, ripple, or wrinkle? These larger elements of damage are not easy to fix, since they won’t simply smooth down when you apply normal pressure to them. Yet replacing your entire carpet can be costly, so that is not an option either. Will you be forced to live with this unpleasant looking surface for the rest of your life?

No matter what is causing your carpet to misbehave, wrinkled carpet is unattractive and can be a hazard to your safety. We have some great news however, if you turn to our team at A Home Services for Houston carpet stretching. This method is much more affordable than replacement, and it will leave your carpet 100% wrinkle-free and restored, so that it looks new again!

Contact us now at (832) 662-2775 to learn about all the many benefits that are yours if you simply have your carpet stretched.

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How to Tell When Your Carpet Needs Stretching

Have you found yourself looking at your carpet and noticing that something is just not right? It might not necessarily be that your carpet is dirty, but something else is making it look unattractive and less functional. Maybe you’re seeing lumps and wrinkles that didn’t always exist, or the carpet looks extra loose, as if it is beginning to pull away from the floor. It might seem like someone has dragged something extremely heavy across your floor and left big ugly bumps in the surface of your carpet. Alternatively, maybe you just notice that the edges of the carpet don’t seem like they’re meeting your walls snugly, and the corners seem to be lifting as if the rest of the carpet isn’t attached.

Why You Need to Have Your Carpet Professionally Stretched

If you’ve seen any of these signs above, then the chances are that your carpet needs stretching. However, some homeowners are initially hesitant because they wonder if the process is truly worth it, other than for restoring its original attractive appearance. This is where it becomes important to remember that carpet stretching is not merely for aesthetic purposes. A carpet that continually buckles and ripples is a major safety hazard. If you overlook getting your carpet stretched, it could develop significant snags, making it easy to trip. 

By speaking to our professional carpet specialists at A Home Services, you can arrange to have full carpet stretching, which will completely smooth the surface. This will make your home a safer place and ensure that you enjoy your carpet for longer without needing to have it replaced.

Call us today at (832) 662-2775 or contact us online so that we can extend the life of your carpet and restore its appearance, all with one Houston carpet stretching.

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