Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Gutters

    • What Are the Indicators That My Gutters Are Clogged?

      There are many ways to tell that your gutters have become too full, other than the fact that you see them crammed with debris. The signs your gutters are clogged include:

      • You can see water or mud tricking over your gutters and down onto the siding
      • The gutters are physically sagging from the weight of the contents within them
      • The presence of a lot of unwanted wildlife and pests on the roof or gutters, creating nests or storing food
  • Carpets

    • Why Is an Unstretched Carpet a Safety Hazard?
      As the carpet get stretched, it wears down even more quickly. This not only shortens the life of your carpet, but allows sharp nails, cracks, and uneven surfaces to be exposed. To protect the feet of you, your children, pets, and any guests, you should make sure to have your carpet stretched as soon as possible if you start to notice problems in the surface.
  • Power Washing

    • Can Any Type of Surface of My House Be Power Washed?
      While many parts of your home will benefit from power washing, the pressure and angle of power washing can easily damage or even ruin your valuables. Just because a material has a hard surface, like aluminum or copper, does not mean it is secure – even these metals can be dented or scratched if the washing is applied incorrectly. Delicate paint can be peeled away and loose parts like screws can go flying. This is why it is critical to only seek the support of home service experts.
    • Why Is Power Washing Better Than Other Cleaning Methods?
      One of the great benefits of power washing is that it enables crucial substances in your home to be washed without the use of harmful chemicals that might damage the sensitive surfaces. Simultaneously, however, power washing is tough enough that it will remove many types of muck and debris that have become stuck to the exterior of your home.
  • Windows

    • Can I Wash My Windows on My Own?

      Even though it is possible to clean your windows on your own, the truth of the matter is that professionals will always be able to perform a more thorough job. Not only do they have many years of training, but they have the most powerful equipment and tools to get the job done right, without streaks or stains. It is also much safer to have experts take care of the work, so you do not fall from dangerous heights.

    • When Should Your Windows Be Washed?

      The truth is that every home situation is quite distinct, and the answer greatly depends on the individual natural environment surrounding your house. Home service experts generally recommend that your windows are washed at least twice a year by professionals. Nevertheless, if your windows have become extra dirty on account of increased storm weather, you may need more frequent washing.